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Systemic Racism Is Killing Black Babies — Here Is What Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - According to recent studies, systemic racism in America is negatively impacting the health of pregnant Black women, by creating stress over load on their system which is affecting the health of babies. Black babies are being born too soon and too small, and lack the option of being breastfed, as result of stress.

Talk Focuses On High Infant Mortality Rates For Black Babies

AFRICANGLOBE - Some people are aware of the high infant-mortality rates for Black American children. Others are shocked when they learn that a Black baby is almost three times more likely to die before his or her first birthday than a White baby.

Fat Women in Stockton Offended at Being Called Fat

AFRICANGLOBE - Obesity is a serious societal problem that is rising in America. All else equal, being morbidly obese puts you at higher risks...