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Africa’s Technological Advancement Is Gaining Momentum

AFRICANGLOBE- Africa’s innovative prowess may not attract significant global attention, but when discussions arise regarding the continent’s willingness to harness the potential inherent in information technology, it certainly cannot be overlooked.

Information Technology: Africa’s New Holy Grail

AFRICANGLOBE - Up until now, the focus has largely been on seeing how the price of mobile phones can come down to open access to different content and services to wider numbers of people. But the new Holy Grail is finding a cheap household or "on-the-go" device that can

Information Technology Can Boost Caribbean Economies – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - Caribbean countries have been told that purchasing goods and services in the information technology (IT) sector by government offices provides untapped potential for stimulating domestic economic progress.

Shalom Africa, Israel’s Second Coming

AFRICANGLOBE - Brand new embassies, booming trade in agriculture, precious stones and information technology together with shadowy security deals: Israel is back in Africa. But this time tycoons and generals are leading the charge. Some arms deals have proved questionable, such as a $275m contract with Nigeria in 2006 for three Aerostar drones secured by Israel's Aeronautics Defense Systems and a little-known British-registered company called..

Technology Changes Face of Tourism in Africa

The Tourism Industry is facing a paradigm shift globally. Africa is by no means immune to this trend as information technology is one of...