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Africa’s Infrastructure Development: Who’s ‘Offering Plate’?

AFRICANGLOBE - There is so much outflow of capital from this continent’s shores and yet through these resources we have some of the highest growth rates globally. So exactly what is it we are doing right that we seek to maintain? Africa needs deeper discussions around the practicality of the Africa50 Fund.

Southern Africa Forges Ahead With Its Common Agenda

Southern Africa has taken a significant step forward in its quest for deeper regional integration following the approval of a long-awaited blueprint that outlines...

How to Invest in Africa’s Infrastructure

The African Development Bank (AfDB) wants SADC countries to put five percent of their monetary reserve towards the establishment of an infrastructure bond that...

Private Sector Key to Africa’s Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure investment is costly, long-term and characterised by internal and cross-border market regulations. Whilst governments are the leading financiers of infrastructure projects, there exists...

South Africa and Angola Sign Infrastructure Pact

South Africa and Angola have signed a technical cooperation agreement to support infrastructure development in the oil-producing country, as part of a drive to...

Nigeria Making Strides in Infrastructure Development

As economic growth in South Africa slows, a number of fast-growing alternative economies have become viable options, as countries aim to establish themselves as...

Ghana to Set-Up Fund to Boost Infrastructure Development

Ghana plans to set up a minerals development fund to boost infrastructure development for local communities, amid complaints from civil society groups that many...

African Leaders Agree to More Infrastructure Spending

Africa's quest for greater connectivity and improved intra-regional trade could soon become a reality after the continent's leaders agreed to increase public spending on...

South Africa’s Focus On Infrastructure Development Welcomed

The focus on infrastructure development in President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation Address has been welcomed by various quarters. Zuma announced that South Africa...