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Supporting African Car Manufacturers

AFRICANGLOBE - African firms are hoping for a slice of the continent’s largely underdeveloped market for new cars, taking on global car giants like Japan’s Toyota and Germany’s Volkswagen. Africa’s 1 billion inhabitants account for only 1 percent of the world’s new passenger car sales according to industry data. And, South Africans bought over 85 percent of those vehicles.

Nigeria’s Automotive Sector Gains Momentum With 12 New Assembly Plants

AFRICANGLOBE - The Nigerian government has issued licenses for the establishment of 12 new vehicle assembly plants in the country, paving way for further development of Nigeria’s automotive sector.

Patronage Of Made-In-Nigeria Goods Set To Gain Legal Backing

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite unsuccessful campaigns in 2004, 2009, and 2010 to pass a bill aimed at encouraging the purchase of locally made products, Nigeria has reassured local producers of increased patronage in the coming years, after resurrecting plans to provide legal cover for locally made commodities.

Nigeria Plans Scheme To Finance Local Automobile Purchase

AFRICANGLOBE - Under Nigeria’s New Automotive Policy, the government is making plans to launch a vehicle financing scheme which will make funds available for Nigerians to buy cars.