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Fighting In Libya Getting Worse

AFRICANGLOBE - Officially Libya is not at war, but for the thousands of residents of the capital, Tripoli, who fled their homes at the weekend it is starting to feel like it. Fighting spilled across Tripoli's western districts after a battle between rival militias on July 19th and 20th for control of Libya’s main airport left 47 dead, marking it as the most violent day since the end of the 2011 CIA-Pentagon-NATO coordinated counter-revolution that toppled Muammar Gaddafi.

Libya: Rival Rebels Clash At Tripoli Airport

AFRICANGLOBE - Rival rebel groups have clashed at Tripoli's international airport, halting all flights, according to media reports. One person was reportedly killed. "The traffic at the airport will be suspended for three... days," an official at the state-run Libyan Airways told independent site Al-Wasat.

Caribbean’s First Gold Refinery Expected to Earn Billions

The Government of Suriname has embarked on a joint venture with the Kaloti Group of Dubai to establish the first gold refinery in the Caribbean. The refinery that is being built, is expected to start operating by next year and produce as much as US$2.77 billion worth of refined gold.

French-Led Malian Forces Move to Recapture Timbuktu

AFRICANGLOBE - In a matter of weeks, Malian forces led by French troops are on the cusp of regaining control of northern Mali previously seized by Arab terrorists. France entered the conflict just two weeks ago, and already the rebels have been pushed back on their heels, as the campaign reaches the famed city of Timbuktu.

French, Malian Troops Head for Timbuktu and Gao

AFRICANGLOBE - French and Malian troops were advancing on Gao on Friday and had taken the nearby town of Hombori. More than 9,000 refugees have fled northern Mali since the French joined the Malian troops in an offensive against Arab terrorists groups. Timbuktu is reported to be without water or electricity.

Kisumu Airport Paves Way for Booming Trade

Kenya's Kisumu International Airport was officially opened on Thursday, paving the way for increased trade and investment in the Western Kenya region . It becomes the fourth international airport in Kenya and will be the third largest after Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi and Moi International Airport in Mombasa. The other airport is located in Eldoret.

Construction of Nacala Airport in Mozambique to Create 700 Jobs

The airport will have the capacity to handle between 500,000 and 600,000 passengers a year, and receive class D aircraft, such as Boeing 757s and 767s.