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African Economies Threatened By The US Dollar

AFRICANGLOBE - According to data from the World Bank, for 2015, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the top 10 African economies represents about 78.2% of the overall GDP of Africa. The top five economies are Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria and Angola, representing about 63% of the African GDP. From 2005 till 2015, compared to the US dollar, the local currencies of these respective countries have depreciated by 47%, 33%, 101%, 37% and 38%.

Slow Growth in U.S, Eurozone Threatens Nigeria’s Export

The linkage that exists in international trade has put Nigeria at the receiving end of the current economic misfortunes of its trading partners in...

No Stopping Africa’s Growth – Zuma

Major shifts in governance, trade, infrastructure and demographics will turn Africa's emergence over the past decade into a sustained economic lift-off, South African President...