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Africa Must Do More To Unlock Potential For Rising Intra-African Trade

AFRICANGLOBE - Growth in intra-Africa trade is outpacing trade between Africa and rest of the world. However, more needs to be done to boost intra-African trade to take advantage of the increasing commercial depth of Africa’s rapidly expanding consumer markets.

Intra-African Trade Is An Untapped Opportunity

AFRICANGLOBE - It is no surprise Africa is attracting global trade and investment on a mass scale. For fast emerging and established countries alike, our continent is one full of potential, and one growing on average at 6% a year.

Realising the Dream of Greater Intra-African Trade

AFRICANGLOBE - How to break the colonial legacy of exporting goods 'overseas' and raise the level of trade between African countries? This has been an issue the African Union (AU) has grappled with since it devoted its January 2012 summit to the issue of 'Intra-African trade'.

Intra-African Trade Is Possible, But…

AFRICANGLOBE - This explains the reason why intra-African trade is currently difficult. We all have plenty of raw materials but we have no industries to process them. For decades, Ghana and Ivory Coast have been the leading producers of cocoa. Yet, as we continue to ship this precious material to the world market, no steps have been taken to establish the industries that will process the cocoa right here in Africa.

Economic Blocs to Focus On Intra-Africa Trade

Preparations for the second Africa Trade Forum (ATF II) are underway. It is meant to review key challenges to implementing the agreed action plan...

Intra-African Trade Can Create Wealth

The lack of intra-African trade is a cause for concern within the African community. In this piece, Florence Udoh and Omotola Oloruntobi write on why government needs to...

Political Will Needed to Boost Intra-African Trade

It is time to move past diagnosis of why African countries do not trade nearly enough with each other or to the degree that...

Intra-African Trade Growing Rapidly

Though the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has long held that trade between African countries is too low, experts at the South Centre, an inter-governmental...

AU Wants to Double Intra-African Trade

The African Union Commission wants to see intra-African trade double, from its current level of 10-12 per cent of the entire continent's trade, to 20-25 per cent within the next decade. A document from the Commission, provided as background to this weekend's heads of state summit, at which boosting intra-African trade is the main agenda item, points out that greater trade between African countries "will develop larger markets, and foster greater competition which in turn will lead to poverty reduction, growth and poverty reduction".

Intra-African Trade 'A Matter of Urgency'

The recently launched agreement for the establishment of the Tripartite Free Trade Area has made it more urgent to promote intra-Africa trade, and that should be at the top of the continent's economic agenda.