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Nigeria Investigates Crude Oil Swap Contracts

AFRICANGLOBE - The Nigerian government may be losing money through opaque contracts in which crude oil worth billions of dollars is given to traders in exchange for refined imports, mainly gasoline, international and domestic watchdogs have said.

Apartheid Is Back: S. Africans Now Need Green Cards To Access...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Daily Voice newspaper recently reported that the cards were being given to people who worked, or wanted to work, in certain neighbourhoods. The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) may launch its own investigation into allegations of workers being forced to apply for a green card to access certain parts of Worcester, a rich neighborhood in Cape Town.

Half of People Shot by Police Are Mentally Ill, Investigation Finds

AFRICANGLOBE - An investigation by the Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram has found that a disturbingly high percentage of individuals shot by police suffer...

Georgia Prisons ‘Out of Control,’ FBI Brutality Probe Deepens

The investigator was soft-spoken but relentless. “Look at me and tell me that you were not in that gymnasium,” said Trebor Randle, a Georgia Bureau...

Eric Holder, Re-Open COINTELPRO Investigation

The Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Oglala Sioux have convinced the U.S. Justice Department to re-examine 50 possible political killings, from the mid-Seventies, some of...

Police Brutality Will Get Worse in Britain

The sister of a man who died while being mocked by officers in 1998 says black people will only face more police brutality in...

‘Baby Doc’ Ruling a Frightening Development for Haiti

Before President Michel Martelly took office in May 2011, Haiti's top prosecutor had recommended that former strongman Jean-Claude Duvalier face trial for the abuses...

NYPD Wiretaps Reveal Officers ‘Overtly Racist’ Talk

New York police officers are heard making racist remarks on wiretaps used in an investigation into alleged ticket-fixing, sources familiar with the tapes said.

International Criminal Court Urged To Extend Libya Investigation To NATO

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has written to Mr. Luis Moreno Ocampo, Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, urging him to “use your good offices and position to extend your ongoing investigation of Libya to include possible complicity of NATO in the serious violations of human rights currently being perpetrated in the country.”