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Iraq’s Destruction Is A Reminder Of The Ugly Face Of American...

AFRICANGLOBE - The black-clad fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, sweeping a collapsing army and terrified Iraqis before them as they advance toward Baghdad, reflect back to us the ghoulish face of American empire. Iraq is falling apart. And many of these people, either in government or outside of government, who were proponents of the war are now advocating for a resumption of the American war. Not one of them is willing to acknowledge the extent of that military miscalculation. Once you acknowledge it, then the whole project of militarizing U.S. policy towards the Greater Middle East collapses.”

ISIS Is Not The Nicest!

AFRICANGLOBE - ISIS, also known as “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” is a militant group waging war against the legitimate governments of both Iraq and Syria. Any government that refuses to be an international political puppet of Western nations is commonly referred to as a dictatorship.

Iraq On The Brink Of Collapse As Insurgents Advance Toward Baghdad

AFRICANGLOBE - Islamist militants swept out of northern Iraq Wednesday to seize their second city in two days, threatening Baghdad and pushing the country's besieged government to signal it would allow U.S. airstrikes to beat back the advance.