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Let Them Eat Sand: Israel Moves to Close African Owned Businesses

Israel’s Interior Minister Eli Yishai has ordered police and cities across the country to shut down businesses owned by African refugees. Politicians from the haredi...

Israeli Companies Robbing Nigeria For $240m Drones That Don’t Work

AFRICANGLOBE - Contractors from Israel have supplied Nigeria with three $240 million drones that don’t work, according to a Nigerian whistleblower who spoke to journalists in Abuja. According to...

Jail All African Refugees Says Israel’s Interior Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - "They've painted us as if, heaven forbid, refugee camps," Israel's Interior Minister Eli Yishai complained recently. "The facilities are almost finished...

Israel Sends Eritrean Asylum Seekers Back to Egypt

The Israeli military has since June 2012 prevented dozens of asylum seekers, most of them Eritreans, from crossing Israel's newly constructed fence on its...

Israeli Racist Attack Ethiopian Bus Guard Breaking Her Nose

A parent in the northern Israeli city of Kiryat Bialik allegedly assaulted an Ethiopian school bus guard yesterday, breaking her nose. Ziona Mangistu was reportedly...

Sudan Accuses Israel of Carrying Out Airstrike on Arms Factory

Sudan on Wednesday accused Israel of launching an airstrike that caused a large explosion at a munitions factory, killing two people, in a residential...

How Did Israel Become So Hostile to African Migrants

"No human being is illegal. That is a contradiction in terms. Human beings can be beautiful or more beautiful, they can be fat or...

Shooting in Israel Leaves Three African Migrants Hospitalized AGAIN!

Gunfire in the Israeli financial capital Tel Aviv injured three African migrants on Saturday night in the city’s central bus station. Authorities not wanting...

Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu ‘Close’ To Ordering Strike Against Iran

AFRICANGLOBE - Reports coming from within Israel have revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is increasingly close to ordering a military strike against Iran, believing that diplomatic attempts to shut down the country’s nuclear program have failed.

South Sudanese Deported From Israel

More than 900 South Sudanese have been deported from Israel since June, as the Israeli government continues on a massive crackdown on African Migrants...

Egypt Launches Air Strikes On ‘Militants’ in Sinai

Egyptian aircraft struck at targets near the border with Israel on Wednesday and troops raided villages in a crackdown on Islamic militants blamed for...

African Migrants And Israel’s Apartheid Debate

AFRICANGLOBE - For followers of Israeli politics, none of this was surprising. In the preceding weeks, right-wing activists and politicians, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, had been attacking African migrants, repeatedly calling them a threat to Israeli society and security. It was just a matter of time before something like this happened.

Israel; Where it is OK to Be Racist Against Africans

The inflammatory comments of Israeli politicians have stoked protests and attacks against African migrants in recent months. It is sad to se how Israeli people...

Israel to African Immigrants: ‘You’re Not Welcome Here’

There’s a problem in Israel, and for once it doesn’t have much to do with Palestine. Instead, right-wing Israelis have found a new target:...

Africans in Israel Attacked by Zionist Government, Racist Mobs

Since late May the rising animosity toward African migrants in Israel has reached a boiling point. After months of anti-African speeches in the Knesset...

Ethiopian DNA Clues Lead to Legendary Queen of Sheba?

Researchers have started to unveil the genetic heritage of Ethiopian populations, who are among the most diverse in the world, and lie at the...