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Israeli Cops Beat Ethiopian IDF Soldier In Racist Attack

AFRICANGLOBE - Two Israeli policemen have been suspended after video footage emerged on Monday showing them pummeling an Ethiopian-born IDF soldier. “When I saw the clip, I couldn’t believe I was in Israel,” Pakada’s brother told Channel 2. “I was sure it was a prank, that this is a clip from the US of white cops beating Black citizens for no reason. Only by the army uniform, could I see that it was my brother.”

“You Don’t Like It? Go Back To Ethiopia!” Israeli Cops Told...

AFRICANGLOBE - "This has been an ongoing problem for more than a decade. 40% of the minors held at the Ofek Prison are Ethiopian emigrants while we comprise less than 2% of the population. This is beyond compare. The police destroys the lives of our youth and casts them to oblivion. How can it be that racism is not a criminal offence?"