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Israeli Government To Refugees: Go Back To Africa Or Go To...

AFRICANGLOBE - Israeli authorities are sending letters to the first of 45,000 African refugees, informing them they have 30 days to accept Israel’s offer of $3,500 in cash and a one-way ticket home or to an unnamed third country in Africa, or face incarceration at Saharonim concentration camp indefinitely.

Ethiopia Demands Explanation From Israel Over Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopian government has expressed concern over Israeli authorities' treatment of Ethiopian-Israelis. It appears Addis Ababa has been following the violent clashes over the past few weeks between Israelis of Ethiopian origin and police, while several Ethiopian news outlets accused Israel of racism and brutality towards Ethiopian Israelis.

Ethiopian Israelis Protests Against Police Beating And Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - Clashes have broken out in Jerusalem as more than 1,000 Ethiopian Israelis staged a protest, demanding an investigation into alleged police racism and violence. At least 13 people were injured and two police officers and five protesters were taken to hospital, the Magen David Adom ambulance service said after protests on Thursday.

How Israel Forcibly Sterilized Ethiopian Jews

AFRICANGLOBE - The Israeli government has admitted to forcing female Ethiopian Jewish migrants into having contraceptive injections without their knowledge or consent. The women were deceived and told that the Depo-Provera injections were vaccinations and that unless they had them, they would be refused entry to Israel.

The Palestinianization Of Blacks In The United States

AFRICANGLOBE - What we have going on here in America is an ongoing counter-insurgency war by the dominant Anglo-American U.S. government against the minority Black peoples. What we have here is the Palestinianization of Blacks in the United States.

Israel’s Govt Move To Outlaw Secret Program Of Sterilizing Ethiopian Jews

AFRICANGLOBE - For the first time, the Israeli government is taking steps in the direction of acknowledgement of an alleged clandestine program that sterilized an entire generation of Jewish Ethiopian immigrants.

Israel; Where it is OK to Be Racist Against Africans

The inflammatory comments of Israeli politicians have stoked protests and attacks against African migrants in recent months. It is sad to se how Israeli people...

Israel Begins Rounding Up And Interning Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel said on Monday it had started rounding up African migrants in the first stage of a controversial “emergency plan” to intern and deport thousands deemed a threat to the Jewish character of the state.

African House Firebombed as Israeli Government Stokes Anti-Immigration Fervour

Violence against African immigrants in Israel spiked once more as an apartment housing 10 Eritrean asylum-seekers was firebombed on Monday. At least four residents suffered...

Ethiopian Jews Protest Israeli Gov’t Decision To Reduce Jewish Immigration From...

AFRICANGLOBE - Up to 1,000 Ethiopian-born Jews protested Sunday opposite the Israel's Immigrant Absorption Ministry over a recent government recommendation to reduce the number of new Ethiopian Jews (olim) arriving each month. The immigrants, or Falash Mura (Ethiopian Jews whose ancestors converted to Judaism centuries ago) – many of whom still have family members living in Ethiopia – called on the government to keep the commitment it made a year ago to wind up aliya from the East African Nation within the next three years