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High Court Rules Israel’s Detention Of Africans Illegal And Must Stop

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel's High Court of Justice ordered the state on Monday to close the Holot concentration camp for African refugees within 90 days, a dramatic decision that marked the first time the court has ever struck down two versions of the same law. Justice Uzi Vogelman, who wrote the majority ruling, termed conditions at Holot “wretched” and said the court was justified in overturning a law enacted by the Knesset for the second time because the legislation “violates human rights in an essential, deep and fundamental way.”

Israel Illegally Forcing African Refugees To Leave

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel has come under fierce criticism from rights groups for its immigration policy and treatment of African asylum seekers, particularly over its Holot detention center where illegal immigrants can be held for up to a year. "Israeli officials say they want to make the lives of 'infiltrators' so miserable that they leave Israel,

African Diplomats In Israel: We’re Afraid To Walk Down Streets

AFRICANGLOBE - Due to the recent slew of offensive and racist statements made by Israeli politicians, African diplomats in Israel are afraid to walk down the street, said African ambassadors in Israel during a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon.

Israel Begins Expulsion Of African Refugees

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel has begun deporting African refugees from Sudan and Eritrea to Uganda, according to reports by an Israeli news outlets. Quoting senior government officials, Israeli media reported that over the past months dozens refugees had either left or agreed to leave Israel for Uganda.

Israel Imprisoning African Asylum Seekers In Defiance Of High Court Order

AFRICANGLOBE - Israeli authorities are effectively detaining hundreds of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers despite an Israeli High Court order for their release. More than 150 of the migrants ignored the rules restricting their mobility and walked out of what they called an "open prison" in the Negev desert to march toward Jerusalem in protest.

Israel To Ship African Refugees To Uganda

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel has made a deal to ship African refugees – which Israel continues to illegally label "migrants" and "infiltrators" to Uganda. Uganda – which has a bad human rights record – is taking them in exchange for military and other aid.

Israel Confirms Plan to Expel African Refugees to Uganda

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel plans to soon begin expelling migrants from Eritrea and Sudan, who number more than 50,000, back to Africa via Uganda, officials said. Israel regards most of the Africans as "illegal infiltrators" and largely rejects the position of human rights groups that many fled their countries in search of political asylum.

Israel Orders Swift Deportation of 25,000 Africans – Detention Camps for...

AFRICANGLOBE - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his ministers to accelerate efforts to deport citizens of South Sudan, speaking at Sunday's cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said that while it is not possible to expel citizens of Eritrea and Sudan, whose lives would be at risk in their home countries, holding facilities for them must be built in the Negev as quickly as possible.