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Italy Just Told France The Truth But Africa Wasn’t Listening

AFRICANGLOBE - In the continuous European game of shifting blames over rescuing African migrants floating in European waters, angry Italy lashed out at self-righteous France. Mr. Luigi Di Maio, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister said: "France is one of those countries that by printing money for 14 African states prevents their economic development and contributes to the fact that the refugees leave and then die in the sea or arrive on our coasts."The Italians are referring to the 74-year-old colonial French policy splitting its colonies in Africa into two currency zones with eight countries making the West African Economic and Monetary Union and six others constituting the Central African Economic and Monetary Community, and imposing the French Franc, CFA, on them.

Europe Falling Apart: France Recalls Its Ambassador To Italy

AFRICANGLOBE - Now the European powers are all pouring hundreds of billions of euros into their military machines. While Macron said last year that Europe must be ready to fight Russia, China or the United States, the European powers are also preparing to fight each other. As Britain prepares to leave the EU next month, the EU is in chaos. Bitter divisions persist in Berlin, the dominant EU power, over foreign policy.

Europe Panics Over The Potential Arrival Of 200,000 African Migrants

AFRICANGLOBE - The massive arrival of Africans to Italy through the Mediterranean Sea has caused a huge migrant crisis in Europe, with the Italian interior ministry ringing alarm bells that this exodus could reach 200,000 people by the end of this year.

Italy Ready To Invade Libya After ISIS Fighters Seize Libyan City

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy would be ready to join a U.N.-led force to battle "an active terrorist threat" after recent advances by a faction in Libya that has sworn loyalty to ISIS militants, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Friday.

Woman Convicted of Apostasy Leaves Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - A Sudanese woman who was spared a death sentence for allegedly converting from Islam to Christianity, and then barred from leaving Sudan, was due to arrive in Italy on Thursday, an Italian government official said.

Battle Of Adwa — When Ethiopia Crushed Italy

AFRICANGLOBE - "Enemies have now come upon us to ruin our country and to change our religion. Our enemies have begun the affair by advancing and digging into the country like moles. With the help of God, I will not deliver my country to them. Today, you who are strong give me your strength, and you who are weak, help me by prayer."

Italian MP ‘Blacks Up’ In Parliament In Anti-Black Tirade

AFRICANGLOBE - Right-wing politicians in Italy plumbed to new depths in their denigration of the country’s first Black minister after an MP from the xenophobic Northern League “blacked up” in parliament in a protest at supposedly generous benefits received by African immigrants.

Survivors Of Lampedusa Tragedy Among Refugees Brutalised In Italian Camp

AFRICANGLOBE - Footage shot on a cell phone and shown on Italian State television station RAI2 Tuesday, shows migrants at a camp on the island of Lampedusa being forced to strip naked, in mixed company, and then being hosed down by staff.

Italy Denounced For Hosing Down – Disinfecting African Migrants In Cold...

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's governing regime has promised an investigation into the treatment of migrants after a video was taken of naked African refugees being hosed down and disinfected in cold weather at a holding center on the southern island of Lampedusa.

Fake Blood-Covered Mannequins: Italy’s First Black Minister is Targeted Again

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's far-right Forza Nuova party left three mannequins covered in fake blood at the front door of an administrative office in Rome on Wednesday in the latest attack on Italy's first Black minister.

Africa: The G20 and the Struggle for Global Influence

At a recent meeting of G20 think tanks in Beijing, participants noted that if the G20 countries wished to build on their collective success in the management of the global financial crisis, they needed to focus on global trade and finance reform - matters that cut to the core of global economic governance.

Racist Attacks Continues Against Cécile Kyenge, Italy’s First Black Cabinet Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's first Black cabinet minister Cécile Kyenge has been likened to a prostitute in the latest personal attack directed at her by a public figure. Savage Cristiano Za Garibaldi, the deputy mayor of the town of Diano Marina in the northern region of Liguria, implied that Mrs. Kyenge was a prostitute.

Italy Racism Row: Cecile Kyenge Compared to Orangutan

AFRICANGLOBE - An Italian senator has been pressured into apologising after he said the country's first Black cabinet minister Cecile Kyenge reminded him of an orangutan. Roberto Calderoli, from the racist anti-immigration Northern League, told a rally that the success of Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge encouraged "illegal immigrants" to come to Italy.

Death Threats, Protests Greet Italy’s First Black Cabinet Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's first Black Cabinet minister is facing death threats before a visit to a region known for its anti-immigrant political base. Last week, a local politician from the Northern League party was expelled from the party after she suggested on Facebook: "Why doesn't someone rape her

Italy’s First Black Minister Defiant In Face of Racist Slurs, Death...

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's first Black minister has responded to a barrage of sexist and racial insults by saying she is proud to be Black, not colored, and that Italy is not really a racist country.

Racist Taunts, Death Threats Greet Appointment Of Italy’s First Black Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - It was hailed as a giant step forward for racial integration in a country that has long been ill at ease with its growing immigrant population. But Cecile Kyenge's appointment as Italy's first Black cabinet minister has instead exposed the nation's ugly race problem,