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We Came Before Columbus: Who Really Discovered the Americas

AFRICANGLOBE - Ivan Van Sertima’s 1986 book, They Came Before Columbus, claims that Africans made a series of settlements in the Americas hundreds of years before Columbus set sail. The author cites a wealth of linguistic, historical and anthropological evidence, not to mention the written accounts and diaries of Columbus and other explorers who mention finding Black people already here when they arrived.

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

AFRICANGLOBE - Dr. Ivan Van Sertima was born in Guyana, South America. He was educated at the School of Oriental and African Studies (London University) and the Rutgers Graduate School and holds degrees in African Studies and Anthropology. From 1957-1959 he served as a Press and Broadcasting Officer in the Guyana Information Services. During the decade of the 1960s he broadcast weekly from Britain to Africa and the Caribbean.