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Surveillance Of Black Lives Matter Movement Recalls COINTELPRO Tactics

AFRICANGLOBE - COINTELPRO files gave the impression that the FBI “thought of Black Americans as falling into two categories -- Black people who should be spied on by the F.B.I. and Black people who should spy on other Black people for the F.B.I.,”

Secret Documents Show The FBI Spied On Black Writers For Decades

AFRICANGLOBE - Newly declassified documents from the FBI reveal how the US federal agency under J Edgar Hoover monitored the activities of dozens of prominent African American writers for decades, devoting thousands of pages to detailing their activities and critiquing their work.

Letter To Martin Luther King Reveals How Evil The FBI Really...

AFRICANGLOBE - A scathing letter sent by the FBI to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has been uncovered, pulling back the curtain on the FBI’s efforts to discredit the leader as his popularity grew. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is depicted as evil and a fraud in the letter that urges the civil rights icon to commit suicide. The letter calls Dr. King “evil,” a “fraud,” and a “dissolute, abnormal moral imbecile.”