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South Africa Inaugurates Massive New Power Plant

AFRICANGLOBE - President Jacob Zuma inaugurated on Sunday the first unit of a massive new coal-fired power plant in South Africa, hailing it as a step away from the country's energy woes.

Jacob Zuma Has Ruined The Legacy Of South Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - What is now embarrassing to us Blacks is that the persons who freed us from the colonial shackles of an oppressive and racist white regime have not only failed to improve the lot of the majority of the Black South Africans but actually have worsened their plight.

South Africa: Zuma Grilled During Question And Answer Session

AFRICANGLOBE - President, Jacob Zuma says he has already answered the "pay back the money" question in terms of Nkandla. Zuma was responding to a written question by EFF leader Julius Malema in South Africa's National Assembly on Thursday.

South Africa Is Unraveling – And No One Seems To Care

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa is headed for a major crisis because important plans for the country are beginning to unravel under poor leadership. “The time for diplomatic conversations in our society is over. I am going to be fairly blunt and frank about what I think is the challenge of South Africa in 2015,”

A Host Of Problems For South Africa At African Union Summit

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa is hosting this weekend’s 25th ordinary assembly — or summit — of the African Union (AU) in Sandton, Johannesburg. But some of the critical issues on the agenda are probably not going to be to Tshwane's liking. The most obvious of these is xenophobia.

Malema Lashes Out At Jacob Zuma For Anti-African Violence

AFRICANGLOBE - EFF leader and MP Julius Malema has lashed out at President Jacob Zuma saying, "You have lost control of the country, because you have lost control of your own family. "Your own son continues to say these people must be killed. You stand up here and say nothing," Malema said. Malema believes the state is responsible for the afrophobic violence meted out to Africans.

South Africa Rocked By Anti-African Violence

AFRICANGLOBE - Four people were killed and shops owned by immigrants (other Africans) in South African townships in the coastal city of Durban looted and burnt, police said on Monday, as violence against Africans by ignorant South Africans escalated.

Zuma Says South Africans Are Lazy

AFRICANGLOBE - “If I were a dictator, I would change a few things. For example, I would say to the family ‘you need a house, here is the material. Build your house,’ that’s what I would say,” “Our people are not used to standing up and doing things." “If you just close your eyes for a year and vote me a dictator, I would change these things,” the Citizen quoted Zuma as saying.

Apartheid Is Back: S. Africans Now Need Green Cards To Access...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Daily Voice newspaper recently reported that the cards were being given to people who worked, or wanted to work, in certain neighbourhoods. The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) may launch its own investigation into allegations of workers being forced to apply for a green card to access certain parts of Worcester, a rich neighborhood in Cape Town.

South Africa: Zuma To Face Tough Questions In Parliament

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma will face fresh questions to repay millions of dollars used to upgrade his rural homestead during an appearance in parliament on Wednesday. Zuma was last year ordered by the public protector Thuli Madonsela to pay back some of the money used in the construction of the Nkandla residence.

Spy Cables Expose South Africa’s Alarming Security Failings

AFRICANGLOBE - South African government and security agencies have left secrets exposed at every level and foreign spies have access to all areas of government. A secret security assessment by South African intelligence says foreign espionage is booming, with more than 140 foreign spies estimated to be operating in South Africa - and that the South African state is doing a poor job of protecting itself.

South Africa: Inequality Still Staring Us In The Face

AFRICANGLOBE - "Inequality is still staring us in the face. Census 2011 informed us that the income of households has hardly changed and that income of white households is still six times more than that of Black households,"

See You On March 11, Malema Warns Zuma

AFRICANGLOBE - In a robust debate that largely stayed within parliamentary rules, EFF leader Julius Malema on Tuesday told President Jacob Zuma he would be made to answer on March 11 about misspending on his Nkandla home.

The Beginning Of The End For The ANC?

AFRICANGLOBE - The African National Congress is facing political turmoil as cracks appear in the ‘tripartite alliance’ between the ANC, the unions and the Communist Party. The expulsion of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa from the Congress of South African Trade Unions, as well as an embarrassing incident in Parliament, have increased the pressure on President Jacob Zuma, writes Tom Nevin.

South Africa Push Ahead With Curbs On Foreign Land Ownership

AFRICANGLOBE - Foreigners will be barred from owning land in South Africa and no individual will be able to own more than 12,000 hectares, the equivalent of two farms, under legislation currently in the works, President Jacob Zuma said on Saturday.

The ANC Must Solve Its Zuma Problem

AFRICANGLOBE - The manifestation of the ANC’s problem is the rather sorry figure of President Jacob Zuma, the first head of state or government to be disrupted while trying to deliver a State of the Nation address in Parliament. On Thursday night, Zuma’s speech was delayed for more than an hour as Parliament’s presiding officers dealt with a revolt against Zuma led by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) first, but which was later joined by the DA and the UDM. The scenes in Parliament were farcical, beginning with the institution’s transparent attempts to muzzle both the media and MPs by jamming the mobile signal in the chamber.