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Jamaican Prime Minister’s Plan To Drop the Queen – 50 Years...

Jamaica's prime minister has reiterated her plans to drop the Queen as head of state, on the eve of Prince Harry's visit to mark...

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

AFRICANGLOBE - Marcus Garvey, a simple but humble Black man from Jamaica, West Indies, was the first to forcefully speak about the concept of African nationalism—of Black people returning to Africa, the continent of their forefathers, in order to build a great nation of their own. His writings and ideas would inspire many leaders of the civil rights movement during the second half of the twentieth century.

Good Riddance: Jamaica’s Prime Minister Set to Resign

Jamaica's governing party announced Sunday that Prime Minister Bruce Golding will step down as leader in the coming weeks, possibly averting a rebellion from ruling party members that could have led to his ouster.

Jamaican Politicians Furious Over Colour Prejudice by Non-Black Business Owners

As anger boils in Jamaica over reports of colour prejudice in the job market, a livid labour and social security minister, Pearnel Charles, has likened the skin-tone discrimination to apartheid South Africa and has vowed to drag bigoted employers before the courts.

Non-Black Businesses Discriminate Against Dark Skin Workers in Jamaica

A hundred and seventy-seven years after slavery was abolished in the British West Indies, Jamaica's national training agency - HEART Trust - still has to deal with colour-prejudiced employers who are requesting that trainees be brown or light-skinned as a prerequisite for employment in their firms.

The Ancestors of the Head of Britain’s Olympic Organising Comitte Sexually...

The head of the London 2011 Olympics Lord Coe, has discovered that his ancestor sexually abused enslaved women in Jamaica and fathered children as a result.

Jamaica Cruise Port Ranking Climbs as Business Boom

Jamaica now ranks amongst the Caribbean's top-10 fastest-growing cruise destinations for the first time in at least five years, according to recent data.

Emancipation And The Emancipated

AFRICANGLOBE - Jamaica will be celebrating a significant milestone in its life tomorrow, namely, emancipation from chattel slavery. The observance of Emancipation Day is not merely intended to create another public holiday, but rather to inject in the consciousness of our people a deep appreciation of the process of liberation from British colonial exploitation to the achievement of nationhood, the suffering endured, the human cost (lives lost), the sacrifices made, and the hopes and aspirations of those engaged in the struggle.

Both Parties Have Failed Jamaica

For around 70 years, including nearly half a century as an independent country, Jamaica has been in the capture of two gangs. Officially, they...

Jamaica Welcomed Over 20,000 Visitors Yesterday

AFRICANGLOBE - Jamaica welcomed more than 20,000 visitors to its shores yesterday via the Sangster International Airport and by sea at the Montego Freeport, as well as the Falmouth and Ocho Rios Cruise Ports.