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James Baldwin Issues A Wake-Up Call To Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Death has this way of making truth-tellers seem harmless. Alive, Martin Luther King provoked a president and divided a nation with his truth. Dead, he is an image on a commemorative place mat, his words safe enough for recitation by children. This also holds, albeit to a lesser degree, for Malcolm X and Medgar Evers. Dead, they were no longer dangerous. “We took out all the radicality of their legacy,” says Raoul Peck, director of “I Am Not Your Negro.”

What About Eugene De Kock’s Victims?

AFRICANGLOBE - Eugene De Kock conducted operations where African leaders were burnt alive and had their hands and body parts chopped off and stored in bottles while their assassins were having a barbecue and beers nearby. This is the man who, while smoking a cigarette, could smash his victim’s head against the concrete wall of a torture chamber until the brain oozed out of the victim’s fractured skull.