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Final Moments Of Army Sgt. James Brown’s Life Captured In GRAPHIC...

AFRICANGLOBE - Sgt. James Brown was an active-duty soldier who had served two tours of duty in Iraq. But he didn't survive a two-day DWI sentence in 2012. New graphic video from El Paso County Jail in Texas shows the confusing and terrifying last minutes of Brown's life.

How Slavery Led To Modern Capitalism

AFRICANGLOBE - To understand slavery's centrality to the rise of American capitalism, just consider the history of an Alabama dry-goods store called Lehman Brothers or a Rhode Island textile manufacturer that would become the antecedent firm of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Teaching Black Girls To Be Proud Of Their Beauty

AFRICANGLOBE -Stereotypical portrayals of Black women as overly sexualized or subservient, destitute women are pervasive on television, movie screens, and music videos, as well as most "general market" magazine covers, where primarily light-skinned Black women are featured. The schools are no safe havens from this assault on Blackness.

Black People Must Focus On Big Issues

Black people spend too much time focused on entertainment and other trivia than on important issues affecting their lives. In a culture driven by celebrity, entertainment gossip, bling and distraction, there is an open question as to whether the type of political mobilization required to meet the challenges of those issues is possible.