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Black Mississippi Judge Opens A Can Of Whoopass On White Murderers—And...

AFRICANGLOBE - On June 26, 2011, Deryl Dedmon, Jr., John Aaron Rice and Dylan Wade Butler drove into Jackson, Mississippi — which they referred to as “Jafrica” — to “go f*ck with some n*ggers.” They came across Anderson, a 49-year-old auto plant worker, and assaulted him while yelling “white power.” While Anderson was on the ground, Dedmon ran him over with his truck.

The Brutal, Jim Crow-Style Lynching That Recently Took A Black Man’s...

AFRICANGLOBE - James Craig Anderson sang tenor in the choir at the First Hyde Park Missionary Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi. He’d worked at a car plant near Jackson for seven years, and he enjoyed gardening in his free time.

Decades In Jail For White Teens Who Went ‘Hunting For Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Three white teenagers have been jailed after admitting they were out hunting Black people when they used their truck to run over and kill James Craig Anderson. Deryl Paul Dedmon, now 22, was sentenced to 50 years in a federal prison after the murder of 47-year-old James Craig Anderson in Jackson, Mississippi.

James Anderson Death: Two More White Supremacist Plead Guilty To Hate...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two more White Mississippi men have now pleaded guilty to federal hate crime charges for coming to Jackson last year to harass African-Americans citizens. Prosecutors wouldn’t say whether additional people could be charged.

Grand Jury Meets To Consider More Charges In Mississippi Hate-Crime Case

AFRICANGLOBE - A federal grand jury in Mississippi met recently to consider more hate-crime charges in the death of a Black man who was beaten and ran over by a group white teenager.

Deryl Dedmon Sentenced to Two Life Terms For Racially Motivated Murder...

A white Mississippi man has been sentenced to life in prison for the 2011 murder of an African-American man, with the judge calling it...

Deryl Dedmon Pleads Not Guilty in Black Man's Death

A white Mississippi man accused of running down a black man with a truck pleaded not guilty to capital murder on Friday.

FBI Now Investigating White Teen’s Killing of Black Man

The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation into the death of a black man who Mississippi authorities say was intentionally run down by a white teenager in a pickup truck.

Internet War Of Words Breaks Out Over White Teens Killing Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Authorities call it a hate crime by two white teens against a middle-aged black man, "murderd by physically assaulting and purposefully using a 1998 Ford F-250 to run over James Craig Anderson."