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Detroit Man James Robertson Who Walks 42 Miles To Work Gets...

AFRICANGLOBE - One week after he gained global attention for his 21 miles and two bus rides of daily commuting, Detroiter James Robertson looked no different. But Robertson, 56, said that his once quiet, arduous life was forever changed. Strangers rush up to him now, after his face appeared on TV screens and newspaper pages around the world.

James Robertson Fund Nears $300K In Three Days, Support Continues

AFRICANGLOBE - If you’re new to the story, James Robertson is a Detroit-man who has walked 21 miles to and from work for the last 10 years — all without a word of complaint. A student, Evan Leedy, recognized the issue and started the James Robertson Fund you see today.

Story Of James Robertson, Who Walks 42 Miles To Work Daily,...

AFRICANGLOBE - When James Robertson’s story appeared in the Detroit Free Press about how he walks 42 miles a day roundtrip to get to his $10.55 per hour factory job in Rochester Mills, Mich., because he can’t afford to buy a car, hordes of readers sprung in to action by contributing to a GoFundMe account so that he can buy a car.