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Jan. 1 Marks the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation

AFRICANGLOBE - President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, as the nation approached its third year of bloody civil war. The proclamation declared "that all persons held as slaves" within the rebellious states "are, and henceforward shall be free."

Black Buying Power Continues to Rise

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite the severe impact of the Great Recession, Blacks’ economic clout continues to energize the U.S. consumer market.  The Selig Center estimates...

Tullow Set to Start Drilling for Oil in Ethiopia

The global oil and gas exploration company, Tullow Oil Plc, is set to start drilling on the concession it has in South Omo Valley,...

Nigeria : The Great $6.8bn Oil Scandal

The revelation of gargantuan levels of corruption in the Nigerian government’s fuel subsidy programme is sparking a groundswell of activity among the opposition and...

A New Era for the African Union

To many observers, the election victory of Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma against the incumbent, Mr Jean Ping, as Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC)...

Iran Sanction – Spain Switches to Nigeria for Oil Imports

Spain's crude imports from Iran dropped in January, while its supplies from Nigeria increased from 636,000 tonnes in December 2011 to 838,000 tonnes in...

Ethiopian Army Attacks Eritrean Military Bases

Ethiopia's military launched an attack against "terrorist camps" inside Eritrea today in one of the most serious incidents since conflict between the two neighbors ended 12...

South Sudan’s Inflation Drops to 48 Percent

South Sudan's inflation, which in December of last year stood at a whopping 65.6% dropped to 47.8% in January, the country's national bureau of...

North and South Sudan Drag Reluctant China Into Dispute

Sudan and South Sudan are dragging a reluctant China into their smouldering relations at a time when both sides say the situation is on...

Arab Taureg Attack Northern Mali Forcing Over 20,000 Africans to Flee

NHCR has deployed emergency teams to countries surrounding Mali to help meet the needs of some 20,000 people who have been forced to flee...

South Sudan Asserts its Sovereignty Over its Economic Future

Few outside the Juba government had expected it to start shutting down oil production on 22 January. Warnings from the Government of South Sudan...

China to Hold Africa Showcase Summit for Year of the Dragon

Officials are building up expectations for the fifth Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC V), which Beijing will host in the last quarter of this year. The showpiece summit, which began in 2000 and has been held every three years since, now returns in the year of the dragon - which will be doubtlessly trumpeted as auspicious for China-Africa relations.

Patrice Lumumba: The Most Heinous Assassination of the 20th Century

Patrice Lumumba, the first legally elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), was assassinated 50 years ago this month, on 17 January, 1961. This heinous crime was a culmination of two inter-related assassination plots by American and Belgian governments, which used Congolese accomplices and a Belgian execution squad to carry out the deed.

The Race for AU Boss Is On – Why Does It...

The African Union will hold its 18th Summit in Addis Ababa from January 23-30. Kenyans have not-too-fond memories of last January's summit -- at which the so-called shuttle diplomacy against Kenya's engagement with the International Criminal Court was launched. And the region as a whole was focused on the implications of external intervention under the "responsibility to protect" -- given the massive changes then underway in North Africa.

New AU Headquarters To Be Inaugurated In January

AFRICANGLOBE - Construction of the new headquarters of the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa, capital city of Ethiopia, was recently completed and the structure has passed an internal quality inspection, said Zeng Huacheng, a special councilor to the AU headquarters project from China's Ministry of Commerce

Protests Planned If Bashir Attends South Independence Celebrations

"The world will witness protests against Bashir that day. We will walk naked to the celebration venue unless we are promised that Bashir will be arrested and taken to the ICC for the charges of genocides and atrocities against humanity," she explained.