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Haitians Finally Get A Chance To Vote After Long-Delayed Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - Haiti finally went to polls Sunday in presidential and legislative elections in an atmosphere of “calm” and with an "enthusiastic" turnout, authorities said. A mass abstention was half-expected due to public frustration after Haitians tried to vote unsuccessfully on four occasions since last year.

Haiti’s Struggle For Freedom: US Imperialism, MINUSTAH And The Overthrow Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the Haitian Revolution and it’s resistance to slavery, Western nations has managed to keep Haiti enslaved. From Internal conflicts that divided Haiti to successive dictatorships and a constant fear against a French invasion in the decades that followed, Haiti has always experienced a struggle for freedom.

The Betrayal Of Haiti By Latin America And The Caribbean

AFRICANGLOBE - Niccolo Machiavelli once wrote in “The Prince” that one should expect the worst treatment from those whom one has helped, because no one wants to be reminded of a time when they needed to be helped. Without Haiti’s help, there would not have been any independent country in Latin America. On January 1, 1816, when Simon Bolivar arrived in Haiti, downtrodden and desperate for help to fight the Spanish, the only two republics in the Western Hemisphere were the United States, where slave ownership was in force, and Haiti.

Continued Persecution: Former Haitian President Aristide Placed On House Arrest

AFRICANGLOBE - On Aug. 21, Haitian police wearing black masks and carrying heavy arms appeared in front of the home of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide as a so-called Haitian judge issued calls to arrest him. Hundreds of people courageously surrounded the house to protect him. One week before, President Aristide was summoned to court on false corruption charges. On Sept. 10, he was placed on house arrest and barred from leaving the country.

Stop The Attacks On Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide

AFRICANGLOBE - On Aug. 13, the Haitian government summoned former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to court on corruption charges. This summons is part of a chilling pattern of repression aimed at destroying Aristide’s political party, Fanmi Lavalas, as the country approaches new legislative elections. We denounce it in the strongest possible terms.

Jean Bertrand Aristide Prevented From Leaving Haiti

AFRICANGLOBE - Former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide is being prohibited from leaving Haiti as law enforcement authorities probe false allegations of corruption, misappropriation of public funds and drug trafficking during his 2001-4 presidency, immigration officials have confirmed.

Ecuador and Brazil Training New Haitian Army

AFRICANGLOBE - The Feb. 29, 2004, CIA kidnapping and coup d’état began a brutal ongoing U.S.-U.N. occupation that aimed to suppress Haiti’s people’s movement and roll back the hard-won democratic gains since the ouster of Baby Doc Duvalier in 1986.

The Destruction Of Haiti’s Economy

AFRICANGLOBE - A complex historical truth emerges in this intelligent examination by director Nicolas Rossier revealing the often suppressed story of the 2004 coup d'état in Haiti, as well as the systematic violence and human rights violations that erupted under the interim government. An interview with the deposed president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide in South Africa, is juxtaposed with the views of a wide range of supporters and critics.

Paramilitary Gangs Join UN Force in Preying on Haitians

Young men behaving like wannabe Tontons Macoutes have taken over the former bases of Haiti’s disbanded army – a force the U.S.-backed Haitian president...

Protesters In Haiti Clash With UN Peacekeepers

AFRICANGLOBE - Hundreds of protestors in Haiti hurled stones and other objects at United Nations peacekeepers calling for their removal from the speaking country.