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5,000-Year-Old Nativity Scene Discovered In Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - Italian researchers have discovered what might be the oldest nativity scene ever found — 5,000-year-old rock art that depicts a star in the east, a newborn between parents and two animals.

Carbon Dating Suggests ‘World’s Oldest’ Koran Could Be Older Than Prophet...

AFRICANGLOBE - African scholars have long stated that the major religions are nothing but stolen bits of the Nile Valley spiritual system. Here scientists have discovered parts of a Koran that is older than Muhammad. Did the prophet of Islam get is revelations from God, or did the Arabs just happened to gaze upon the ancient temples of Egypt.

‘Zimbabwean Jesus’ Dies After 30 Days Of Fasting, Fails To Break...

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwean self-styled Messiah Khulu Reinfirst Manyuka has died from malnutrition after going without food for 30 days when he tried to emulate Jesus Christ and fast for 40 days and 40 nights.

Islam Projected To Be World’s Largest Religion By 2070 – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - Islam is projected to grow more than twice as fast as any other major religion over the next half century because of a higher fertility rate. While Christianity will remain a dominant global religion, it will lose majority religious status in countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Australia.

5 Reasons To Suspect Jesus Never Existed

AFRICANGLOBE- For centuries all serious scholars of Christianity were Christians themselves, and modern secular scholars lean heavily on the groundwork that they laid in collecting, preserving, and analyzing ancient texts. Even today most secular scholars come out of a religious background, and many operate by default under historical presumptions of their former faith. The notion that Jesus never existed is a minority position.

Fear Of A Black Santa, Black Jesus And Black President

AFRICANGLOBE - There are more stars in Creation than all the grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts in the world! And the White man, Jesus Christ, we are told is the Creator behind everything that ever was, is and will be. As you may know Christianity, Judaism and Islam all spring from the same root.

What Color Was Jesus Christ

AFRICANGLOBE - Here is a little test. Tell me, who am I referring to? He died in his 33rd year. He said the man married to his mother was not his father. He said he was fathered by a God. He was called, “King of Kings.” And the name “Issus” was connected to him. Who was that? The answer would shock you.

The Life And Legacy Of Malcolm X

AFRICANGLOBE - No one had a greater impact on the cultural consciousness of African-Americans during the second half of the 20th century than Malcolm X. More than anyone else he revolutionized the black mind, transforming docile Negroes and self-effacing colored people into proud blacks and self-confident African-Americans.