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America’s Apartheid Justice System Keeps Black People In Shackles

AFRICANGLOBE - A law need not be just or fair or benign to be the law. Law, like a gun or any other tool, can be used for good or for evil. To disguise the fact that laws can be cruel, unjust and designed to harm certain members of our community, “Blind Justice” was the myth created to foster the notion of a fair legal system in America.  But observations in most American courtrooms will instruct us that what passes for justice in this country is not color-blind.

Prisoners Across America Are On Strike Calling For An End To...

AFRICANGLOBE - Prisoners in more than 20 states went on a coordinated strike Friday, refusing to go to their assigned jobs and demanding an "end to prison slavery." The work stoppage, staged on the 45th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising of 1971, marks one of the largest attempted prison strikes in decades.

Jim Crow: Homeless Black Man Got Life In Prison For Selling...

AFRICANGLOBE - Fate Vincent Winslow, a 41-year-old homeless Black man, was hungry on September 5th, 2008. Along with a man he called “Perdue,” he was the target of a sting by an undercover cop pretending to look for marijuana and a prostitute. Although Perdue was never arrested, Winslow was.

NYC Gives Green Light For Buildings With Separate Door For Poor...

AFRICANGLOBE - A luxury condo building on New York City’s Upper West Side has gotten clearance from the city to have a separate entrance, or a “poor door,” for low-income tenants.

Ku Klux Klan Thugs Chase Down And Murder Lamuel Penn On...

AFRICANGLOBE - Fifty years ago, as musty old Jim Crow customs were being tested in the South, the local Ku Klux Klan klavern established sentries to maintain the racial tyranny in Athens, Ga., by running off "outside agitators".

New York City Judge Ready To Bring Back Slavery Laws

AFRICANGLOBE - In a shocking decision not heard of since Slavery and Jim Crow days and the historic Rosa Parks bus incident in Alabama of the 1940s and 50s, Manhattan Federal Court Judge Paul A. Crotty issued an Order stating that he is ready to...

Alabama Grants Posthumous Pardons to Scottsboro Boys After 80 Years

AFRICANGLOBE - On March 25, 1931, nine Black boys headed west on a Southern Railroad train from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Near the town of Stevenson, Alabama, in the state’s northeastern corner, a fight began with some White youths. A posse – a popular means of dispensing justice in the Jim Crow days – met the train at Paint Rock. The Black boys were accused of having raped two White females who had been on the train

Election is Over, So Dems Are Back to Ignoring Black People

AFRICANGLOBE - In this interview, Yvette Carnell and I openly question whether the Democratic Party is going to fight as hard to support the Black agenda as they fought to get Black people out to vote. You see, there was an INCENTIVE for them to fight for your right to vote: It keeps them in power.

Disenfranchisement, By Design

In November 2000, Wallace McDonald didn’t get a chance to cast his vote for president when he showed up at a Tampa, Fla., precinct....

Jim Crow Still Alive In America

In the 1960s, the civil rights movement was the largest full-scale response to decades of Jim Crow laws that limited African American participation as citizens. Today’s policies have resulted in a new system of mass incarceration that is replicating the second-class citizenry of the Jim Crow era.