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African Cities Make It To The World’s Elite List

AFRICANGLOBE - The future potential of 125 cities was measured by A.T. Kearney and African cities made it onto the list along with the most influential cites in the world like New York and London as places that are creating and entrenching a global footprint.

Anti-African Violence Spreads In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Arrests have been made in South Africa as anti-African violence spreads to parts of Johannesburg's commercial heart. Police fired more rubber-coated steel bullets at a crowd of anti-immigrant protesters in downtown Johannesburg on Friday afternoon, as they tried to separate the protesters from a group of immigrants.

Malema: We’re Bringing 50,000 To Johannesburg

AFRICANGLOBE - The Economic Freedom Fighters are preparing to bring 50,000 of their “fighters” from around the country to march on the Gauteng legislature in Johannesburg, South Africa. Speaking on the eve of the party’s first anniversary on Saturday, leader Julius Malema said the party would not be bullied by the ANC. “We are not schoolboys. We have taken a decision that we will bring 50,000 people here.

Chinese Company Plans $8 bn South African City Development

AFRICANGLOBE -The 1,600 hectare "Modderfontein New City" will include offices, a light industry park, housing for 100,000 people, schools and entertainment centres and is expected to take at least 15 years to complete. China's Shanghai Zendai Property plans to break ground next year on an $8 billion new city development near South Africa's commercial capital Johannesburg, its chairman said on Wednesday.

Africa’s Megacities A Major Draw For Young Up-And-Comers

AFRICANGLOBE - The list of international megacities is growing, with more and more African entries on the list. Mayors from the world’s megacities met this week in Johannesburg to discuss the challenges their cities face.

Africa Rising: Who Is Benefiting?

AFRICANGLOBE - One of Africa’s harsh realities is not the absence of resources but the lack of the will to transform the continent’s economies to influence the global agenda. Much of Africa’s leadership is sucked up in activities that seek to perpetuate their stay in power.

Hong Kong Property Firm Plans $7.8 Billion ‘New York of Africa’...

AFRICANGLOBE - “It will become the future capital of the whole of Africa,” Dai said at a press conference today, speaking through a translator. “This will be on par with cities like New York in America or Hong Kong in the Far East.”

Africa May be the Next Factory to World

AFRICANGLOBE - African countries have seen high levels of economic growth over the past decade. That’s despite the global economic crisis that struck in 2008 and 2009. Greater regional integration will prepare the continent to be the next factory to the world. That can happen, when wages start rising in countries, such as China and Vietnam.

‘World’s Oldest Person’ Found in South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - At 119 years old Johanna Mazibuko, who lives in small town south-west of Johannesburg, could be the world's oldest person. Ms Mazibuko was born in 1894, according to her identity papers, and has outlived five of her seven children.

Economist Admits Africa’s Promise

In May 2000, the respected international weekly magazine The Economist published a provocative lead article describing Africa as “the hopeless continent”. To illustrate the hopelessness, the magazine picked several of Africa’s cities as case studies. Among those cities was Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, which, according to the magazine, symbolised Africa’s “failure and despair”.

Ethiopia Aims To Host Africa’s Tallest Building by 2017

Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa, may boast Africa's tallest building by 2017. Plans unveiled by a private Chinese developer now call for a 99-story office-hotel tower.

The Sleeping Giants Awaken: Nigeria Crowned King at Afcon 2013

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa Cup of Nations history was made in Johannesburg as Nigeria’s young squad defeated Burkina Faso in the final of the continental centrepiece. The magnitude was evident to all in attendance in Johannesburg as the two teams emerged onto the field. The atmosphere was, at times, overwhelming.

Africa’s High Growth Potential Cities

AFRICANGLOBE - Accra, Lusaka and Luanda, the capitals of Ghana, Zambia and Angola respectively, are the African cities with the highest potential for growth over the next five years, according to the MasterCard African Cities Growth Index released in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Foreign Direct Investment into South Africa Soars

South Africa led the subregion as foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into Africa jumped by 25% in 2011, according to the 2012 World Investment...

Johannesburg Africa’s Second Most Visited City

Johannesburg will be Africa's second most visited city this year with an expected 2.5-million international visitors, according to the latest Mastercard Global Destination Cities...

Johannesburg to Host Africa Cup of Nations Final

The Africa Cup of Nations champions next year will be crowned in the same calabash-inspired Johannesburg stadium as the 2010 World Cup winners, south...