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Boko Haram And The Return Of German Imperialism To Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - After Germany lost its colonies following defeat in the First World War, the German elite under Hitler dreamed anew of a German colonial empire in Africa. It would serve as a “tropical extension” to a Europe dominated by Germany. Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, Berlin is preparing to pursue Germany’s imperialist interests in Africa with increasingly military means.

U.S. Embassy Meddling In Ghana Politics Sparks Diplomatic Incident

AFRICANGLOBE - Ghana and the United States appear headed on a collision course following disagreements with the US Embassy going viral on some social networking site.

The Reason Why Africa Is Turning to China

AFRICANGLOBE - On my trip to Ghana in 2011, I observed Chinese foremen at the construction sites of the now completed George W. Bush Highway. The massive Ministry of Defense building in Ghana's capital, Accra, was constructed with a $50-million Chinese grant.

John Dramani Mahama Wins Ghana’s Presidential Election

AFRICANGLOBE - Ghana's interim President John Dramani Mahama has been declared winner of the weekend presidential elections after garnering 50.7 percent of the vote. The...

Ghana: No Clear Winner Yet in Presidential Election

AFRICANGLOBE - There is no certain winner yet in Ghana's presidential election even though incumbent President John Dramani Mahama is thought to be in...

Will Ghana’s Success Story Continue After John Atta Mills?

The death of President John Atta Mills has sparked not only an outpouring of grief in Ghana, but renewed doubts about December's parliamentary and...