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New Nigeria, New Ecowas

AFRICANGLOBE - Could the arrival of a truly democratic Nigeria be the final piece of the puzzle for ECOWAS's big economic integration projects? Certainly, for a single currency the regional body needs Abuja on board. Nigeria represents 77% of West Africa's gross domestic product, and its economy would be the guarantor of any single currency.

Ghana Wants Private Sector To Lead Development

AFRICANGLOBE - Ghana is taking steps -- including reducing its deficit and inflation -- to help the private sector lead the country's transition to middle-income status, President John Mahama told a news conference on Tuesday. Government's role is to smooth the way for the private sector, Mahama said, as he defended his government's record at a news conference to mark the first anniversary of his inauguration to a four-year term.

Ghana to Launch Technology City

AFRICANGLOBE - Ghana's President, John Mahama just launched a project called Hope City. The President of Ghana intends to create the first information and communications technology (ICT) hub in the region near Accra, the country’s capital. It will be underway within a period of three years.