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The Libya Editorial Someone Doesn’t Want You To Read

AFRICANGLOBE - More than two months after The Wall Street Journal wrote about what amounted to ethnic cleansing of Black people in Misurata, The New York Times in today's edition finally writes another piece about the racist attacks against Black people by the NATO-backed "rebels."

Washington Coming To It’s Senses On Libya?

British Foreign Secretary William Hague today said: "What happens to Gaddafi is ultimately a question for the Libyans." Hague echoes the same about-face that's been voiced in the last week through many NATO capitals, starting with Paris, then followed by Rome, Washington and now Britain.

NYPD Still Targeting Tons of Black People

Recent investigations into the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy, which is ostensibly to find firearms but doesn't usually work out that way, show that not only are the searches illegal in many cases, but they overwhelmingly target African American men in poor areas.