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American Mercenaries Arrested In Haiti Were There To Move $80 Million?

AFRICANGLOBE - Most of the American mercenaries arrived in Port-au-Prince from the U.S. by private jet early on the morning of Feb. 16. They’d packed the charter plane with a stockpile of semi-automatic rifles, handguns, Kevlar bullet-proof vests, and knives. Most had been paid already: $10,000 each up front, with another $20,000 promised to each man after they finished the job. But a day after the Americans landed in Haiti, they would find themselves in jail and at the center of a political uproar, with Haitians asking what a group of foreign mercenaries was doing at the central bank and who they were working for.

American Mercenaries Arrested In Haiti, Weapons Seized

AFRICANGLOBE - Haiti's Foreign Minister Bocchit Edmond confirmed Monday that five Americans on the island have been arrested. Local authorities said the Americans are being held on conspiracy charges, but have not been formally charged by Haitian authorities. The foreign minister has not confirmed the conspiracy charges.

U.S. Pressuring Venezuela… But Remains Silent On Haiti

AFRICANGLOBE - There’s a nation that saw violent unrest, looting and anti-government protests over the past days, but don’t think of Venezuela. This is Haiti, a country that received no mention from the US except for a vague travel warning.

Deadly Protests Continues In Haiti

AFRICANGLOBE - Opposition demonstrators in Haiti have burnt tyres and thrown stones, urging President Jovenel Moise to step down. At least four people have been killed and dozens injured in four days of protests in the capital Port-au-Prince and other cities.