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Ethiopian Jews Challenging Israeli Police Brutality Through Song

AFRICANGLOBE - Throughout the decades, Ethiopian Jews have suffered discrimination. In the late 1990s, it was discovered that Israel’s health services were throwing out blood donations from Ethiopian Jews allegedly over fears of diseases contracted in Africa. Accusations have also been raised that Israel has deliberately tried to curb birth rates in its Ethiopian Jewish communities. Today there’s around 150,000 people in the Israel Ethiopian community, some 2% of the country’s 9 million citizens.

Ethiopian Judaism Identical To That Practiced By Ancient Jews?

AFRICANGLOBE - Dr. Yossi Ziv has been researching the religious rituals of the Ethiopian Jewish population still in Ethiopia and discovered that they maintained the same customs and traditions as the Jews of the Second Temple period for the past two thousand years. "It’s knowledge which hasn't been written anywhere, and has been preserved in their traditions," the researcher said. "They have been curating ancient customs that have disappeared from the world. They provide examples of how the leaders of the nation of Israel would have behaved during the time of the Second Temple."

Religion In America Takes In 1.2 Trillion A Year, Only Spend...

AFRICANGLOBE - Religion in the United States is worth $1.2tn a year, making it equivalent to the 15th largest national economy in the world, according to a study. The faith economy has a higher value than the combined revenues of the top 10 technology companies in the US, including Apple, Amazon and Google, says the analysis from Georgetown University in Washington DC.

The Black God Of Judaism, Christianity And Islam

AFRICANGLOBE - At the root of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is the worship of the Black God of antiquity. The differences that currently exist in these three religions are due to a gradual perversion of an ancient religious order that permeated the world beyond the ancient near east.