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How Jumia Is Adapting E-Retail To Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - "In Nigeria, we now have more than 500 motorbikes and trucks that deliver to our customers in the eight biggest cities of the country. Our delivery fleet is larger than UPS, Fedex and DHL in Nigeria. We own our call center, and we have our own IT team. We have our own online marketing team. Simply put, we believe we need to control the value chain from A-Z"

Africa Is On The Verge Of A Retail Boom

AFRICANGLOBE - With a population of over 1.02 billion (15% of global population), retail spend of almost $0.9 trillion (N144trn) in 2013 and economies expected to grow at 5.3 percent in 2014, Africa is fast establishing itself as a ‘retail frontier.’

Founders of Nigerian Online Retailer Jumia Talk About Managing a Fast...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two young West Africans are taking e-commerce to the next level in Africa’s most populous nation – and soon to be the...

How to Build a Multi Million Dollar Online Business In Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - I was chatting with a colleague, as we drove to Jumia’s Lagos corporate office, when he asked rhetorically: “Why would JP Morgan be so interested in a 5 month old Nigerian startup as to invest millions in it?” Well, I was eager to know too.