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Florida Becomes Latest State To Ban Sagging Pants

AFRICANGLOBE - Florida has become the latest state in America to ban sagging trousers. The likes of rapper Lil Wayne and performer Justin Bieber are some of the high-profile names to glamourise the homosexual trend of wearing low slung trousers - which often show undergarments.

Don Lemon Blames Black People For Justin Bieber’s Use Of Racial...

AFRICANGLOBE - Lemon, an alleged Black man, and who is no stranger to Respectability Politics, has previously voiced his disdain for the various ways in which Black people walk, talk, and generally carry themselves.

America’s Double Standard: White Celebs Are Excused, But Black Stars Are...

AFRICANGLOBE - Black people exist in a “damned if we do, damned if we don’t” space within American conversation. If a Black person does something that’s seen as negative, that negative behavior is used as yet another example of how “we” are. Negative behavior, so it goes, is just inherent in “us.”