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Yes, You Absolutely Can And Should Question Kamala Harris’ Blackness

AFRICANGLOBE - When Black people question Kamala’s Blackness they also invariably question the prevailing paradigm that anyone in America with just a tint of West African blood should and must be regarded as Black instead of the other. That is not Black essentialism. That is white essentialism.

Why Are Democratic Candidates Trying To Deny Black People Their Reparations?

AFRICANGLOBE - Slavery stripped Black Americans of the financial fruits of their labor and more for most of the country’s history. Jim Crow replaced chains of metal with ones forged of terror, most famously through lynchings, but also land theft. The contemporary form of bigotry’s financial toll is redlining, by which financial institutions withhold loans from Black neighborhoods.

We Have The Evidence!: Kamala Harris Identifies As INDIAN Not BLACK!

AFRICANGLOBE - There has been much controversy regarding the Kamala Harris' record as a district attorney in California and her ethnic identity. The following article written based on an interview of Kamala Harris' aunt, Dr. Sarala Gopalan, and published by an Indian newspaper should erase all doubt as to who Kamala Harris really is, and how she identifies herself to the people who are closest and dearest to her.

Kamala Harris’s Jamaican Ancestors Are ‘Turning In Their Grave’

AFRICANGLOBE - Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris's new embrace of smoking marijuana didn't go well back in Jamaica, where her father said her ancestors would be "turning in their grave" after hearing her stereotype the island's people as "pot-smoking joy seekers."

Dear Black Americans: Do Not Vote In 2020

AFRICANGLOBE - The Africans of New America did not fight in all of America’s wars in order to vote for which European-man or European-woman should ascend to the seat of Head of Plantation. Native Blacks of New America did not fight for the right to choose which “House Negro” must represent the “master” on the fields either.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown Admits To Giving Kamala Harris...

AFRICANGLOBE - Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco, admitted to having a previous relationship with California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris. He also wrote that he also used his political clout to boost her career while they were dating.