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South Carolina Killer Cop Faces Murder Charge. Don’t Celebrate Yet, Cops...

AFRICANGLOBE - As the news of Officer Michael Slager being charged with murder after video footage surfaced showing him shoot 50-year-old Walter Scott in the back took over the internet, social media became flooded with cheers of “Justice! Finally.” Don’t celebrate “justice” just yet. In the United States, cops can viciously kill another human being on video, be charged with murder, have seemingly no chance of walking, and then walk free.

Officers Caught On Video Beating Homeless Man To Death Acquitted Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - After deliberating less than a full day, the eight female and four male jurors exonerated both defendants despite repeated viewings of the graphic video, which shows multiple punches, kicks, chest compressions and tasings over a nine-minute period. Paramedics resuscitated the homeless man and rushed him to the hospital, where he arrived comatose