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Kendrick Johnson Family Holds Rally After Filing Complaint About Teen’s Missing...

AFRICANGLOBE - The parents of Kendrick Johnson, whose death this year created a mystery that has gripped a South Georgia town, held a rally at the state Capitol on Wednesday, a day after filing a complaint with the state about the handling of their son's body.

Coroner Slams Handling of Kendrick Johnson Case

AFRICANGLOBE - A state medical examiner ruled his death accidental, despite evidence of a neck injury found in a second autopsy conducted by a pathologist hired by the family. His fingernails had been clipped, his clothes were missing and his organs had been removed and replaced by newspaper.

Federal Prosecutor Will Look Into Kendrick Johnson Case

AFRICANGLOBE - Nearly 10 months after their son died, the parents of Kendrick Johnson are finally getting what they've been asking for: another investigation into the teen's mysterious death in the gym of Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia.

Georgia Teen Kendrick Johnson’s Death Was Not Accidental, Family’s Autopsy Finds

AFRICANGLOBE - Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson, who was found dead in a rolled-up gym mat at his high school in January, died as the result of "unexplained, apparent non-accidental, blunt force trauma," according to a newly released, independent autopsy report.

Remembering Trayvon- Introducing Kendrick Johnson

AFRICANGLOBE - In a little less than two weeks George Zimmerman will stand before a judge and jury for murdering Trayvon Martin. As many of you now know, Zimmerman’s attorney’s have released cell phone pictures of Trayvon, that they claim will let the world see the real Trayvon.