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Somalia: African Forces Capture Al-Shabaab Head Quarters

AFRICANGLOBE - Al-Shabaab headquarters in Somalia have been captured after a week of strikes by Kenyan, Ethiopian and Somali troops. Kenya Defence Forces took over the capital of Gedo, Bardhere, on Thursday.

Kenya Offers Bounty For German Terror Suspect Who Fled Lamu Terrorist...

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenyan Police have released pictures of a German national who escaped with a gun wound during the botched Lamu attack last Sunday. A Sh10 million bounty has been placed on Andreas Martin Muller aka Abu Nusaibah, believed to have been behind the attack on a military base in Barue.

Al-Shabaab Commander Killed by Kenyan Army in Kismayu Attack

A senior Al Shabaab commander was among seven people killed as Kenya Defence Forces continued shelling the Somali port town of Kismayu. Military Spokesman Colonel...

New Look African Union Mission in Somalia Now Includes Kenya

Kenya is to send close to 5,000 soldiers to serve under a new look African Union Mission to Somalia. The United Nation Security Council...

Somali Boys Beheaded By Al-Shabaab Terrorist

AFRICANGLOBE - Two Somali youth were on Sunday beheaded in Afmadow town, Southern Somalia, by the Al-Shaabab terrorist group for allegedly spying for the Transitional Federal Government and Kenya Defence Forces. This comes as the Kenya security agencies arrested four more suspected members of the Islamist militia group in Lamu.