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Chinese Ivory Smuggler Gets Record Sentence After Kenya Trial

AFRICANGLOBE - A court in Kenya on Tuesday slapped a record sentence on a Chinese ivory smuggler, the first person to be convicted under tough new laws designed to stem a surge in poaching. Tang Yong Jian, 40, was ordered to pay 20 million shillings ( 233,000 dollars) or elsego to jail for seven years.

Eleven-Year-Old’s Invention Keeps Livestock Safe

AFRICANGLOBE - Five flashlight bulbs, an old car battery and a solar panel were the only tools 11-year-old Richard Turere used to put together a system of lights that keeps his family's cattle safe from lions. His simple invention costs less than $10 and it's easy to install and maintain. It also works to prevent elephants from trampling people's crops.

China Unwilling to Help Stop Poaching in Africa

China and Vietnam are reluctant to enact strict laws to stop their citizens from purchasing elephant tusks and rhino horns from Africa. The two...

Kisumu’s Tourism Boom

Restocking of parks and aggressive marketing has boosted tourism in the Kenyan city of Kisumu. Hotels in Kisumu town are recording booming business following...