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Kenyan Teacher Voted Best In The World, Wins $1 Million

AFRICANGLOBE - A maths and physics teacher from a secondary school in a remote village in Kenya's Rift Valley has won the $1 million Global Teacher Prize for 2019, organisers have said. Peter Tabichi, who organisers say gives away 80 percent of his monthly income to the poor, received the prize at a ceremony Saturday in Dubai hosted by Hollywood star Hugh Jackman.

Kenya Bans Clinic Founded By Racist Eugenicist Marie Stopes From Performing...

AFRICANGLOBE - The authorities in Kenya have banned a group of clinics founded by racist eugenicists Marie Stopes from offering any form of abortion services in the country. The Medical Practitioners Board says it made the decision after investigating complaints that the group's adverts were promoting abortion.

Kenya To Ban Pornographic Websites

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya's government plans to restrict access to online pornographic sites in a bid to reduce pregnancies among schoolchildren, Information Minister Joseph Mucheru told reporters.

British Pervert Sentenced For Raping Kenyan Girls

AFRICANGLOBE - A British man who allegedly befriended vulnerable families in Kilifi county in Kenya, and then abused their children, has reportedly been sentenced to 18 years and six months in prison. The 72-year-old used his "elevated status" among villagers to groom young girls by taking them on trips. He also bought them meals and let them stay in hotel rooms with him.

Asians In Kenya Want Recognition As The Country’s 44th Tribe

AFRICANGLOBE - Asians in Kenya have asked the government to recognize them as the country’s 44th ethnic community. The group said President Uhuru Kenyatta should do what he did to the Makonde in Kwale after they were recognized as the country’s 43rd community when they complained of decades of marginalization.

Drug Dealing British Aristocrat Freed On Bail In Kenya

AFRICANGLOBE - A British aristocrat’s son facing charges of trafficking $5.8-million worth of cocaine was bailed on Friday after a Kenyan judge rejected prosecutors’ attempts to keep him in custody. Jack Marrian, 31, was arrested after police in the eastern port city of Mombasa on July 29 seized a 100kg stash of cocaine in a sugar consignment.

10 Amazing Tubs To Soak In While In Kenya

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the best parts of a romantic getaway is relaxing with your other half in a big, bubbly bath. If you’re looking for honeymoon destinations and packages in Kenya, here’s the 10 most amazing honeymoon suite bathtubs to soak in.

Atomic Agency Nods To Kenya’s Nuclear Plants

AFRICANGLOBE - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has given Kenya the green light to proceed with preparations for its first nuclear plant following a week-long assessment.

Kenyan Entrepreneurship Developing At “Lightning” Speed

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya is seeing similar “lighting” speed development in terms of entrepreneurship as witnessed in China a decade ago, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Network and the GEDI Institute.

Nothing New Obama Can Teach Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - It was not surprising when American President Obama told Africans in Kenya to go homosexual. Barack Obama’s speeches on his recent visit to Kenya and Ethiopia did not show any sign that the American government’s condescending policy towards Africa has changed. His lecturing African leaders on “democracy” and “values”, was reflective of the old policy of dictating to non-Western nations on how they must conduct their national affairs.

Kenya Cancels Marketing Deal With CNN Over Terrorism Slur

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya has suspended a Marketing communication (MarCom) deal with American multinational TV network, CNN. This comes after CNN controversially described Kenya as a “hotbed of terror” in its report on President Obama’s expected visit.

Behind The Obama Visit To East Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Washington’s foreign policy towards Africa was highlighted recently through the visit of President Barack Obama to Kenya and Ethiopia.

Five Things CNN Should Have Said About Kenya Would Have Been...

AFRICANGLOBE - Recently, CNN controversially described Kenya as a “hotbed of terror” in its report on President Obama’s visit to the country. The label drew the ire of Kenyans who used the hashtag #SomeonetellCNN to condemn the network’s negative labelling of their homeland. Not only was the CNN’s description of Kenya negative, it was also not true. So here are five descriptions of Kenya which are not just positive, but also, hundred percent correct.

Promotion Of Homosexuality Cast Shadow Over Obama’s Kenya Visit

AFRICANGLOBE - US President Barack Obama arrived in Kenya yesterday on a weekend visit that will include talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta focused on trade and investment, counter-terrorism, democracy and human rights issues.

Obama Lands In Kenya To Euphoric Welcome

AFRICANGLOBE - US President Barack Obama has arrived in Kenya on a trip that will also include a stop in the Ethiopian capital, and a visit to the home of the African Union. Obama landed in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, on Friday, and was greeted by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta with a handshake and embrace as he stepped off Air Force One.

Kenya: #SomeoneTellCNN … Get Outta Here!

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenyans on social media have turned their guns for the second time on American broadcaster CNN after it reported Kenya as being a "hotbed" of terror ahead of US President Barack Obama's visit. They see it as an attempt to rain on Kenya's parade ahead of what is largely seen as President Obama's homecoming.