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Kenya Joins Africa’s Top 10 Economies After Rebasing Its GDP

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya has been classified as a middle-income country after a statistical reassessment of its economy increased the size by 25.3 per cent. The East African nation effectively becomes Africa’s ninth largest economy, up from 12th, surpassing Ghana, Tunisia and Ethiopia.

Kenya’s Economy To Steam Ahead After Elections, As Kenyatta Takes Early...

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenyan analysts expected the country’s on-going economic recovery to go ahead unless something drastic happened after the polls, the Nairobi-based Business Daily reported on Tuesday. Dickson Khainga, an analyst with the Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis (Kippra), told Business Daily: “We have had a strong growth from the third quarter of last year and conditions for growth have not changed much.”

Prospects for kenya’s Economy Huge, Says IMF

Kenya needs to remain on the long-term path of economic reform that ensures a stable macroeconomic environment and promotes growth prospects, the International Monetary...