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Protesters Killed As Anti-Govt Protests Hits Sudan’s Capital

AFRICANGLOBE - A Sudanese protester was shot dead by security forces in downtown Khartoum, according to medical sources, as protests that have been spreading through the country hit the capital on Tuesday. 

Sudan’s Quarter Century Under Genocidal Dictator Omar al-Bashir

AFRICANGLOBE - Khartoum, Sudan goes to the polls Monday in sham presidential and parliamentary elections widely expected to return dictator Omar al-Bashir to power for another five years. The mainstream opposition is boycotting the vote, in which more than a dozen little-known candidates are standing against the incumbent, who has been at the helm for a quarter century.

A Delicate Dance Of History And Modernity In Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - The Sudan National Museum is crammed with treasures: “moving documents of the very dawn of human civilisation” and “astonishing pieces of the highest artistic value”. Many of the antiquities – including entire temples that now stand in the grounds – were rescued from sites that were flooded when the Aswan Dam was constructed in the 1960s. The museum opened in 1971.