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U.S. Planes Spot Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls?

AFRICANGLOBE - After about three months of frantic search for the abducted Chibok schoolgirls, recent US surveillance flights over northeastern Nigeria showed what appeared to be large groups of girls held together in remote locations, raising hopes that they are...

Nigeria Waits For Its Kidnapped Girls: ‘This Is The Worst Kind...

AFRICANGLOBE - Samuel Yaga was describing his missing daughter’s dream of becoming a doctor when the air went from his lungs. One hundred days after Sarah was abducted, the raw emotion still detonates unexpectedly. Could a child who always fell asleep clutching a book survive a Muslim sect whose opposition to Western education has led them to burn African schoolchildren alive, he wondered.

Nigeria’s Worthless Israeli Built Drones Won’t Help Find Kidnapped Girls

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria bought Israeli surveillance drones years ago that might have been used to hunt for more than 200 girls held by Muslim terrorists, but poor maintenance has left them grounded, two official sources and the aircraft’s manufacturer said.