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Video Evidence Surfaces of the Aftermath of Mark Duggan’s Killing

Footage from the scene where Mark Duggan was shot by the police last year have been obtained by the BBC. Duggan died from a single gunshot...

Charge Upgraded in Alleged Mississippi Hate Killing

The prosecutor investigating the beating and run-over of a black man in Jackson, Mississippi, announced he has upgraded the charge against suspect Deryl Dedmon from murder to capital murder. This makes the white 19-year-old suspect eligible for a possible death sentence

Internet War Of Words Breaks Out Over White Teens Killing Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Authorities call it a hate crime by two white teens against a middle-aged black man, "murderd by physically assaulting and purposefully using a 1998 Ford F-250 to run over James Craig Anderson."

Riots Erupted in Britain Over Police Involved Killing

Two police cars and a bus were set alight in north London on Saturday after a protest, which followed the killing of a 29-year-old man who was gunned down by police earlier this week, turned nasty.