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KKK Fliers Left At Selma Homes On 50th Anniversary Of ‘Bloody...

AFRICANGLOBE - Ku Klux Klan fliers were left at Selma homes on the 50th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday." Robert Jones, the grand dragon of the white terrorist group Loyal White Knights of the KKK spoke with reporters Sunday afternoon and said about 4,000 KKK fliers have been "distributed" throughout Selma and Montgomery in the last two weeks.
The Black Man Who Tricked The KKK

The Black Man Who Tricked The KKK

AFRICANGLOBE - Often men and women joined the KKK over vicious crimes they claimed Blacks were behind—which never seemed to show up in police reports. One man claimed he had been shot by Black men and his wife raped by a group of them. Another claimed his wife had recently been stabbed by Blacks.