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Fox Airs Misleading Report On ‘Knockout Game’ Hate Crime Against Elderly...

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week, the Department of Justice filed hate crimes charges against 27-year-old white male Conrad Alvin Barrett for allegedly assaulting a 79-year-old Black man, knocking him to the ground and fracturing his jaw in two places. Police recovered video from the suspect in which he says he was looking for a Black victim, in order to test media reaction to the attack. Over the weekend, Fox News’ James Rosen filed a report on the incident that contained several misleading, or outright false, claims and significant factual omissions.

Media Frenzy Inspired ‘Knockout Game’ Hate Crime Against Elderly Black Man

AFRICANGLOBE - Cable news outlets have come under intense criticism over their coverage of the so-called “Knockout Game,” which some critics say is overhyped, and others claim is ignoring a racial aspect to the crimes. Based on a Justice Department report, that coverage appears to have inspired 27 year-old White male Conrad Alvin Barrett to conduct a brutal media thought experiment. On November 24, Barrett allegedly assaulted a 79 year-old Black man, knocking him to the ground and fracturing his jaw in two places. Videos recovered from Barrett’s cellphone allegedly confirm that he selected his victim based on race, in order to see if the national media would cover the attack.

White Guy Who Filmed ‘Knockout Game’ Attack On Black Man Charged...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 27-year-old Texas man was arrested by federal authorities on Thursday for allegedly filming himself punching a 79-year-old African-American man and breaking his jaw. Authorities say the assailant was attempting to see whether a "knockout game" attack on a Black victim would be nationally televised.

Knockout Game: CNN Shows Jews How To Defend Themselves From Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - CNN won’t concede the so-called knockout game might is fake, despite widespread doubt from news sources and New York Police Commisioner Ray Kelly. Instead, it aired an interview Tuesday that perpetuated the racist media narrative, where CNN guest Rabbi Gary Moskowitz, instructed Jewish people how to defend themselves from perpetrators he compared to animals.