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Ethiopia Welcoming More Chinese Manufacturers

AFRICANGLOBE - As China's labor, manufacturing and resources costs continue to rise, Ethiopia, one of the fastest developing countries in the world is hoping Chinese companies will consider opening more factories there. "China is one of our country's main donors in building infrastructure, a big constructor and a major technology provider," said Seyoum Mesfin, Ethiopian ambassador to China.

How Christianity Became a Lucrative Brand

The fundamentalism of Christian ideology works in concert with the fundamentalism of the market, so that “prosperity” preaching provides a space in which the contradictions of “free” enterprise are resolved. That is to say, the practice of branding religion does not merely indicate that religious doctrine is simply communicated and experienced in an economic context.

Africa Following Development Path Similar to That Of China?

At the turn of the millennium, The Economist controversially described Africa on its front cover as The Hopeless Continent, but came up with the more optimistic cover line The Hopeful Continent last year. Whatever development path African countries are taking, few would deny the rapid progress that has taken place over the past two decades.

Jewish Ethiopians Being Exploited in Israel: Children Work for Leftovers

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Jewish children as young as 10-years-old are skipping school to work illegally in the Israeli city of Sefat's pen air market....

Hershey’s Sued For Unlawful Child Labour Practices In Africa

A day after Halloween – when candy sales and chocolate consumption are at their highest levels, particularly among children – a public pension fund,...

South Africa to Spend $100 Billion On Infrastructure

Amid mounting criticism that he has failed to stem the tide of labor unrest roiling South Africa, President Jacob Zuma announced Friday nearly $100...

Could Africa Become World’s Next Manufacturing Hub?

With domestic labor costs rising, many Asian manufacturing producers are now looking to relocate their factories in other regions of the world. Could Africa...

Gary Ackerman Urges President Obama To Recognize Slaves Who Built White...

The U.S. Congress two years ago acknowledged the work of enslaved Africans in building the United States Capitol, and a lawmaker Thursday argued that...

Is The Black Unemployment Rate Already 20 Percent?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of August 2011 the national unemployment rate is 9.1%. When you add those who are employed part time for economic reasons, others marginally attached to the labor force and those who have stopped looking for work, that rate jumps to 16.2%.

U.S. Needs Firm Aggressive Leadership Mr. President

Many Obama supporters contend that the president can only do so much, which is absolutely true. But what he can do is use the bully pulpit of the presidency to educate the people, which he’s failing miserably at.