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Tanzania Adopts New Policy To Curb Land Grabbing By Foreigners

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzania has adopted a new national land policy which, among others, lowers the ceiling under which foreign investors can lease land from the current 99 to 33 years. The new policy comes barely months after the East African nation embarked on a campaign to seize “idle” land and deter “rogue investors” from using it for speculative purposes.

No Foreigner Can Own Land In Tanzania

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzania’s Land Act No. 4 of 1999 explicitly states that no foreigner can own land in the country. According to the former executive director of HakiArdhi, Yefred Myenzi, the Act spells out how land can be used, including leasehold. The Land Act is very clear that a non-Tanzanian is not allowed to own land, save for investment purposes only under the Tanzania Investment Act.

American Land Grabs Mirror Africa’s Colonial Past

While Africa may have celebrated the demise of colonialism, it seems the continent is sliding back to those days, as investors continue to push...