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South Africa: Land, Statues And Malema

AFRICANGLOBE - There is no doubt that the South African government, under its beleaguered President Jacob Zuma, is feeling the heat, as the EFF relentlessly remind the ruling ANC at every opportunity to resolve the question of disproportionate land ownership between the white minority and African majority South Africans. The EFF has not made a secret of their encouragement of potential land invasions. Their populism, a news headline and vote-catching stunt, has got the ruling party worried about a potentially explosive issue.

South Africa: Bring Back Our Land

AFRICANGLOBE - The land issue is getting so huge in South Africa that there is now not enough land for Africans to bury their dead and the ANC is persuading communities to accept cremation or to be buried on top of other people. It is treacherous in the extreme that after 20 years of ANC rule Africans today have no land to bury their dead. Yet the country is full of golf courses where whites play their golf luxuriously and without a pinch of conscience for the plight of the landless poor.

South Africa: Cool Heads Needed in Land Reform Debate

AFRICANGLOBE - It is time for a clear perspective on the emotive issue of land reform in South Africa. Only if we cut through the disinformation, bad analysis and political opportunism can we approach consensus and make the progress we need to make.

Kenyan Government Seeks to Take Over Land From Foreigners

Foreigners owning huge tracts of land, whose lease is about to expire, are likely to lose their prized assets as the government starts to enforce the law on land ownership.