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No Foreigner Can Own Land In Tanzania

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzania’s Land Act No. 4 of 1999 explicitly states that no foreigner can own land in the country. According to the former executive director of HakiArdhi, Yefred Myenzi, the Act spells out how land can be used, including leasehold. The Land Act is very clear that a non-Tanzanian is not allowed to own land, save for investment purposes only under the Tanzania Investment Act.

South Africa: A Letter To White People

AFRICANGLOBE - White people! YOU are the problem. YOU stand in the way of progress, of ending racism. Nothing in white people's experience comes close to the suffering of Black people. Nothing. And you inflicted this suffering upon us. You white people owe us Black people a tremendous debt - still unpaid. How terrified you must be. This fear is further evidence that you know you owe us a debt.

ANC Conference: Nationalisation Off the Table

AFRICANGLOBE - The ANC's national conference has resolved that wholesale nationalisation is "off the table", ANC economic transformation policy commission head Malusi Gigaba said...

Architecture That Saves Nigerians 30% On Building Cost

AFRICANGLOBE - When Lagos, the commercial heart of Nigeria, moved to create more space for its 15 million populace, it went as far as...

China: Infiltrating The Heart Of Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - "China's gift to Africa." The new headquarters of the African Union, a towering 20-storey building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is so called because China picked up the $200 million tab for the state-of-the-art complex. Ethiopia's tallest building, completed in December 2011 in time for an AU summit the following month, includes a 2,500-seat conference hall.

Buy Land, They’re Not Making it Anymore

AFRICANGLOBE - Warlords, Russian oligarchs, Wall Street speculators, Chinese state-owned corporations, Britain's landed gentry, Saudi Arabian princes, Mumbai's dotcom billionaires and Parisian commodity traders...

Julius Malema Accuse Zuma Govt Of Targeting The Poor

AFRICANGLOBE - The government was targeting poor people because they did not have the money to defend themselves, former ANC Youth League president Julius Malema told a group of people on Friday in Lenasia, where houses were demolished. “They target those who don't have money,” Malema said.

Ethiopia: A Tale of Two Development Models

The Rift Valley in Eastern Africa is our hole in the ground, where we all come from. Not far from here our earliest ancestors...

Namibian President Calls for Land Redistribution

The policy of willing seller, willing buyer has failed over the past 22 years and something has to be done to amend the constitution...

World Bank Refuses to Stop Funding African Land Grabs

The World Bank has rejected a call to suspend its involvement in large scale agricultural land acquisition following the release of a major report...

Dispelling the Myths of China’s Presence in Africa

The West is worried about Chinese investment in Africa. US secretary of state Hillary Clinton regularly makes veiled references to the danger of Africa's...

How African Politicians Gave Away $100bn Worth of African Land

With minimal consultation, African governments are signing away huge tracts of land for lease on the cheap. Now communities are raising their voices in...

U.S. Firm Accused of Massive Land Grab in Tanzania

A major U.S. energy company, AgriSol Energy, is accused of engaging in land grabs in Tanzania that would displace more than 160,000 Burundian refugees...

ANC Youth Continues Call for Nationalisation of South African Mines

The ANC Youth League will continue to push for the nationalisation of South African mines and the expropriation of land without compensation at the...

Squeezing Africa Dry: Behind Every Land Grab is a Water Grab

Those who have been buying up vast stretches of African farmland in recent years, whether based in Dubai or London City, understand that it's...

U.S. University Withdraws From Land Grab Deal in Tanzania

The most controversial and potentially devastating part of the deal was the forceful removal of 162,000 people thriving on the land. In a turnabout that...